Monday, November 26, 2007

Outsside Reading- Week 3- Post A

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Section 3: Pages 115- 178


Indecipherable ( p.128)- adj.
not understandable; incomprehensible.
Example from the book: “-the song was still going, the words the singer was saying (or screeching, really) indecipherable.
My example: Because it is not from their generation, the computer, to my parents, is absolutely indecipherable.

Semantic (p. 150)- adj.
of, pertaining to, or arising from the different meanings of words or other symbols
Example from the book: “[The definition of freaking out] is just a semantic issue, I guess.”
My example: America is viewed semantically by different countries; some view it as a place of freedom while others see it more as a place of greed.

3 examples of figurative language

Foreshadowing: “I thought of something else, the thing I could never admit, the biggest secret of all. The one I could never tell, because if the tiniest bit of light was shed upon it, I’d never be able to shut it away again” (143). I know that this is the literary element foreshadowing as it indicates that further on in the story, this secret will finally by let out and the truth will unfold. Judging by the way the author stated this, it seems as though Annabel is very reluctant for this to happen.

Metaphor: “Silence is so freaking loud” (147). I know this is the literary element metaphor because it directly relates and compares two unlike sounds. Silence is obviously not loud to most, yet metaphorically it could be perceived as so because it too is technically a sound.

Imagery: “The house was beautiful, with a wide front porch with a swing, and bright pink flowers in pots lining the steps. A yellow cat was lying on the front walk, stretched out in the sunshine” (150). I know this is the literary element imagery as it thoroughly describes Owen’s nice house using visual words such as “stretched” and “bright pink”. In my head, I can actually picture his house as if I was Annabel, observing it from my car window.

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