Monday, November 26, 2007

Outside Reading- Week 3- Post B

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Section 3: Pages 115- 178

Reaction: As Annabel gets to know Owen better, she learns more about his family life. Just as many children and teenagers have to face, in pages 159-160 we learn that Owen had to live through his parent’s brutal divorce. He describes angrily to Annabel how there was constant screaming and incessant hatred between his parents. On one hand, I feel so sorry that Owen had to endure this. I don’t think I personally could ever deal with such a situation although like most married couples, my parents often bicker. On the other hand, my personal opinion of divorce, although I understand they are messy, is that they are necessary. If I was in a marriage and was extremely unhappy and unsatisfied, I too would seek a better husband, a better life. From the parent’s point of view, divorce is evidently a good thing in the end. They no longer have to live their life with regret and major unhappiness. I also feel it is advantageous to their children because they will not have to consistently survive their parent’s arguments. However, this is not how most children view the situation. Many feel like they are to blame, or they feel worthless. I believe this is due to the fact that they had to come to the realization that their parents, who most view as heroes or idols, cannot always make the right decision. In this world, nothing and nobody is perfect. That’s what I love about it- it is our flaws that make us unique and interesting.

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