Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside Reading- Week 4- Post B

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Section 4: Pages 179- 228

Reaction: In chapter ten, one Sunday morning after his 7 a.m. radio show, Anger Management, on the community radio station WRUS, Owen invited Annabel out to breakfast. She agreed to go, and about twenty minutes later, Owen showed up at her front door. After some good music discussion in the car, they arrive at the World of Waffles. Realizing it was a bit chilly in the restaurant, Owen offered Annabel his coat. They enjoyed a nice, hearty breakfast together, and soon, Owen dropped Annabel back to her house. Right after he drove off, Annabel realized she was still wearing Owen’s coat, but most importantly that his ipod was in the coat’s pocket. In pages 202-203, although she knew she shouldn’t, her curiosity led to temptations that caused her to turn on the beloved ipod. In life, many people’s curiosity leads them to act in a way they feel is wrong; it is human nature. For instance, once when I was younger, I had a friend who kept a journal in which she wrote down all of her “secrets”. When I was at her house one day, I saw this “sacred” journal sitting keyless smack down in the middle of her wooden dresser as if it was on display. We ordered pizza and talked for a little while, and soon enough, she left the room to go pay the delivery boy and get our food. So, there I sit, just me and that journal. Normally, I would refrain from doing such a thing, but after hearing all the hype about that journal, my curiosity got the best of me, and within seconds, I was diving into the journal. I think many people are tempted to do things they shouldn’t because it adds excitement to their lives as it did with me that one day.

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