Sunday, December 2, 2007

Outside Reading- Week 7- Post A

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Section 7: Pages 334-371

2 Vocabulary Words

immersed (p. 353)- adj. or in other cases a v.
A) Plunged into or placed under a liquid.
B) Involved deeply; absorbed.
Example from the book: “All I had to do really was ask, and I, too, would be easily brought back, surrounded and immersed, finding myself safe, somewhere in between.”
My example: I slowly immersed the pasta into the boiling water so that it would not splash.

cathartic (p. 359)- adj.
Emotionally purging.
Example from the book: “the entire experience had been so overwhelming- although cathartic- that I’d kind of forgotten about it once I got up on the stand.”
My example: I find it very cathartic to scream at the top of my lungs when I am stressed.

One significant Quote
“You about ready? she’d asked me earlier, and then, I hadn’t been. Maybe I never would be. But there was no way around it now. So as I got ready to tell my story again, I did what Owen had done for me so many times: I reached out a hand, to my mother and my family. And this time, I pulled them through with me” (354). Throughout the entire book, it seems as though Annabel’s family is related, yet not all that connected. One sister was moody, the other outspoken; and the mother paranoid, the father just kind of there, avoiding the emotional lives of the women of his family. But when Annabel finally speaks up, she acts as a knot, therefore connecting her family in an entirely new way. This quote is significant because it exhibits the realization of this result by Annabel. It shows that she learned that family would always remain on her side.

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